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The latest "buzz words" on the Internet at the moment is "Responsive Web Design" and "Design for Mobile" - what does this mean?


Recent developements in web browser standards have seen the inclusion of some modifications to the types of code that can be used in CSS (the code that determines the overall design (or 'look') of a web site.


These changes can detect what 'size' of device a user is viewing your site at and can trigger specific code to alter the layout of a web site so that it can "fit" onto the device being used.


Try it for yourself now on our web site! - if you are using a desktop device, try resizing your web browser window to more and more narrower sizes. You will see that the web site "adapts" to differing 'viewport' sizes so that, whatever the viewer is looking at your site with, they will always receive a "correct" view.



Tablet : the navigation and the content 'compress' from the standard desktop version, remaining in a 2 column layout

galaxy s3
Mobile phone : The design now moves into single column mode so the content is all still available but without falling out of the constraints of the viewing device.




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Elland Pool League

Calderdale Pool League

A local Pool League who's web site is maintained by us - recently updated to be 'responsive' to accomodate the ever increasing number of mobile users.


Baines Hall Function Suite

Baines Hall Function Suite

A popular wedding venue, the Baines Hall web site showcases the facilities available for the customer. Again, designed to be 'responsive' to accomodate the greater number of mobile and tablet visitors.


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Scott Watson MD - Summit Consulting Group

Agency Clients


We are frequently contracted by advertising agencies to undertake a wide range of projects. We can consult, design and develop professional solutions to your specifications, re-create brochure material and even develop from your designs or artwork. We provide a professional service at all levels.