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Welcome to the New Media Designs' web site, where ROI (Return On Investment) is key.   We know that to succeed in today's new media marketplace, we have to offer exceptional quality of product, the best service and amazing value for money.


We provide a comprehensive range of services to compliment the requirements of your business including:

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As New Media Designs is a professional design and development company, we understand that other agencies attempt to 'WOW' potential clients with fancy effects and lots of intricate and sometimes baffling page designs. The Internet is a relatively new medium with many new exciting boundaries to explore but, this doesn't mean that they should all be presented on ONE SCREEN. Whilst effects, animation and sound do provide added impact to a web presence, we believe that subtle use of these technologies yields the best results.


Our simple understanding of you, the surfer, your habits and evolution mean that our designs are focused around achieving your business objectives and not the whims of a designer.

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Recently Signed/Developed

Jack's Bar - Recently Opened Wine Bar

Private Caravan rental - Local Client

Brierley Surveyors - Rotherham based Quantity Surveyors

Recent Launches

aLittleBitDifferent - unique gifts for all

Claderdale Pool League - Local Pool League

The Savile Arms - local hostelry

RMTesting - Elecrical testing mini site

RMCommunications - Comms mini site

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